My live with a deaf cat!

My live with a deaf cat!

By In News On February 6, 2016

My live with a deaf cat

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I am a big cat lover. I have always had cats at home. My father was a pigeon fancier and had a great dislike of cats. One day I came home with a European shorthair named Chip. My father made it quite clear the cat was not welcome so I moved out. I went out on my own soon, and then there was a second cat called Snoepie who was a European shor thair.
I already had met my current husband and got married. We moved to our current home where Chip and Snoepie soon went out. Unfortunately Chip was poisoned. Snoepie continued to look for Chip who had died.

I came in contact with Persians through friends. I named the cat Nikita, a blue Persian, but a virus killed both Nikita and Snoepie. I saw two more Persians there, Jeremy and Anouska, but they were all very old, average of 17 years old. After a year of no cats, the itch for cats began again. My husband, Ben, ended up at an animal shelter near here for a European shorthair kitten. But I came in and saw Jolijn, a white Norwegian Forest, the smallest trinket from the nest, and was immediately sold. To my surprise (she was very small) she could come with us directly and so Jolijn came to us.

Once home, I washed her and dressed her. She had a little black on her head with her body a white peppermint. Still, I felt that something was wrong, but what? The next day the penny dropped, she was deaf! I made an appointment with our vet and that was indeed the case. I had heard that white cats might be deaf, but she had a black tuft on her head and even the assistant to the vet thought it would be OK because she had that black tuft. We were both completely wrong as she was deaf in both ears.

I contacted the shelter and thought to take her back and choose another cat. Well I think it was love at first sight and knew what would happen to her: she would not get a second chance to find a home. Sometimes the problems gave a deaf kitten.

If she was on the windowsill, she jumped like an elephant in a china shop and knocked a potted plant down. She has broken much junk, as well as a lot of expensive pots and plants and many other breakables on tables. I did then (and now) tape many things together with double-sided tape. Ms. Jolijn began to grow from a little girl into a lady after her sterilization. Dove cats allowed in the Netherlands do not have kittens because of the chances of deaf kittens, but this is not always true.

The black tuft disappeared after a few months and we had a nice all-white Noor. Through her handicapping she slept a lot. I started teaching her sign language. She does not have a high level of sign language, but we understood and understand each other very well. She can in her own way give a very good chat (sometimes very hard and funny). She now understands very well what is and is not. She gained much weight because of sleeping so much and too little exercise.

So we started looking for a companion and found a heavily neglected Blue, a blue Maine Coon, via an ad. His age and background are unknown, be we also love him. That was almost eight years ago and neither of them tolerate each other. I am convinced that it is because of the deafness of Jolijn, which makes them still frightened. He will blow and growl (often we think he is doing it deliberately to tease). The strange thing is that if they are both outside in the cat run (limited space) then it goes very well and they leave each other alone. Ivy, another Persian who also lives with us, and she serves as a kind of buffer between Blue and Jolijn and it’s going very well. Blue has a playmate and leaves Jolijn alone. The relationship between the two female cats is already quite good. Jolijn tolerates Ivy. Meanwhile, all three are liked on their page on Facebook (Jolijn & Blue) and the group of friends is still growing. We are proud of our three cats from a small country.

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