Having a pet is a two-way relationship!!
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Having a pet is a two-way relationship!!

By In News On February 15, 2016

Having a pet is a two-way relationship. If you treat them right, they treat you right.

One of the things I like to do to bond with my cats is to brush them. I use a soft brush and stroke their fur slowly. LB, my oldest cat, likes being brushed. He closes his eyes and purrs and purrs when I do it. However, my second cat, Reeko, doesn’t like this behavior. When I try and brush him, he walks away from me. Then he sits down and looks at me. His body language says “Brush me? Hah! I don’t think so.”

I have many cat toys for them. Most of the toys they won’t play with. LB’s favorite toy is a string. He likes for me to drag it around the house while he chases it. Reeko likes this too and sometimes they compete on who will grab the string first. Reeko also likes another toy very well. It’s a stick with a string attached to it. At the end of the string are a soft ball and a feather.

When I walk down the hall towards the bedroom, LB thinks I’m going into the bathroom and he runs in front of me to get in there before me. He jumps on the sink and meows at me to turn the water on. When I turn the water on, he starts purring and drinking out of the faucet. Sometimes, he wants me to fill the sink with water to drink it that way.

I spend a lot of time petting both the cats. I have to give them equal time because LB is jealous of Reeko. If he thinks Reeko is getting too much attention, he gets mad at me and won’t come to me. Sometimes I put Reeko in the bedroom and shut the door. Then I can spend some one-on-one time with LB.

They both like to sleep on the bed with me. Reeko is usually at the foot of the bed and LB is pressed up close to my upper back.

They are both happy to see me when I come home from work. They are waiting at the door and meow at me to say “hello!” I always pet them then to let them know I missed them, too.

These types of behavior make my cats close to me. They help make life happy for me.

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