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great man and blind kitten| real story

By In News, Videos On April 21, 2017

All it mentioned from real events and is not a fantasy or mere words are authored

All the events of this story really happened, and what a noble and wonderful work of this simple man who had saved the spirit of a cat because of his mercy.

We must learn from this guy, and we are taking example and apply what we have to do this man in order to prevail among us goodness and mercy prevail throughout the world.


STORY events begin when this man felt hungry and wanted to eat asked food, and when it began to eat if that cat come to him and make a sound like ask him that fed him, and has already responded the man threw the cat a piece of food, (We can imagine that this man might have been eat fish or meat).

It is well known that when you give any cat piece of food sit and eat, but what happened was the opposite, the cat took the food and ran the speeding and then disappeared from the front of the eye, making the man wonders what did the cat.

After less than a minute returned the cat again and again made such a sound man threw her another piece of food,

He took the food and ran speeding and then disappeared from the front of the eye, making the man astonished, and decided to follow if it came to him again.

After less than a minute cats returned for the third time and passed that voice again he .threw the man another piece of food,
The man left the food and went behind the cat quickly in order to know where to go, and if the man saw a sight almost cry of it, the scene any one did not think of it and is impossible to think about it

The man realized that the cat was taking food and go to another cat.

Some might say what is strange about it, but it will change your mind if you know that the other cat was blind !!!

Yes, the other cat is blind, can not be seen, can not see, and perhaps if you move from place hit the wall or was introduced to die under car tires

But because of the mercy of the man and the cat, has led to the protection of the blind cat from destruction and death..

We love human beings must learn compassion of those !! This guy and this cat.

People who did not give mercy to (people and animals) Deprived of god mercy ..

The man was smart and he understands that there are two types of cats: –

  1. The first type: – If I gave him the food sits and eats.
  2. Type II: – The kidnapping of the food and then run away quickly.

But this cat does not do so, prompting the man that keeps track of the cat in order to see a particular scene can not never forget it no matter what happens.

Lessons learned from this story: –

  1. feed the animals may be a cause in the spirit of saving.
  2. Mercy and compassion for animals.
  3. Do not stop doing good no matter what happens.


What a wonderful story and the end of happy !!

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