A women who lost her life to save her cat
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A women who lost her life to save her cat

By In News On August 19, 2016

A women who lost her life to save her cat


How beautiful that segmentation of your life is for taking care of cats , and sad to lose your life for them, and the most beautiful to live in a house infused with happiness and joy and spirit and vitality.

If you wish to call this home (cattery home ) name is very appropriate, Because this house contained 40 cats !!

What is the story of Mrs. Salwa Abu Naga who lost her life in caring for her cats?

Mrs. Salwa Abu Al-Naja, 62 years old, was living in the governorate of Cairo district of Zamalek Arab Republic of Egypt.

The fire broke out in her house but she preferred to save her cats rather than to escape. This led to her death.

 Mrs. Salwa adored her cats. She cared for, loved them,  and spent money as needed for her cats. 

Salwa Abu Naja is not a famous person , but she was able to force the media’s attention on her death because of the humanitarian issue regarding her cats.


 The story begins when her house caught fire while she was inside the house, along with her 40 cats. Salwa left the house, but returned to the house to save the cats. She made haste to the bathroom in order to get water to control the fire.


But she soon collapsed to the floor because of the spread of smoke inside the house. She died in the house from inhalation of the smoke.

This was confirmed by Salwa’s sister, Samia, during a telephone conversation on television. She said her sister had not suffered any burns on her body, but died due to suffocation from fumes.

Samia told the story of Mrs. Salwa escaping the burning house, but that she remembered the cats and went back in the house to save the cats.

 Fortunately, Salwa was able to save a small number of the cats before dying. She didn’t want to wait for the rescue and fire crews. It earned the respect of everyone.


Rescue teams arrived at the scene and were able to save some of the cats. Some were sent for critical care to specialized hospitals in order to conduct the necessary treatment.

Police investigations report that the remnant of a lit cigarette thrown from an apartment rooftop was the cause of the fire.


Because of Mrs. Salwa’s great deed she has became immortal; and hearts and minds will not be forgotten by anyone.

Mrs. Salwa has become a symbol of the sacrifice of the Humane Societies because she gave her life for her animals.


The sacrifice has many forms ,A lot of people do not understand the sacrifice ,And a lot of people are not convinced of sacrifice, a lot of people live for themselves only.

The good people only understand the sacrifice , And that of the best types of human sacrifice … Man risks his life and sacrifices himself and threw himself in the most types of risk in order to save the spirit of (human or animal)
You must ask yourself the following questions and you should find a clear answer.

The first question: – If you see a human or an animal in danger Are you going to sacrifice And venturing to the rescue ?
Second question: – Is you watch only and will not interfere  ?
Third question: – you will wait the  rescue team  or would intervene quickly in order to save an animal?


There are those who sacrificed in order to save himself only and does not care to others ,And There are those who sacrificed himself to save others .

The person who sacrificed ,,People reminded him well And he can not be forgotten .

In the end please learn sacrifice and redemption,, preserve the vulnerable souls, beware of smoking, and take care your health

Share love and peace among you

We will not forget you, Salwa

Cat woman salwa

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