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I have resided in the same house for over 20 years. It’s home, it has seen the passing of my husband, my children and grandchildren grow.
It has also seen a series of pets.

One of the most memorable ones was a cat I called Monster. I called him that because he would attack other cats for their food or just
because he saw them. It got so I would have to sit outside to watch over my kitty while she ate because as soon as I went inside he would
attack. This continued for years I would tell him to go home he would walk away.

Later I learned from a neighbor he didnt have a home but was a stray. The couple told me they would give him scraps.
Two years ago the couple moved away. Monster stayed. He would walk the neighborhood in his search for food. I have seen him several
blocks away on his search. He began to get bolder and hunger drove him closer when I feed my cat. I couldnt stand seeing a animal starve
so I started feeding him too.

At first he was hissy and would swat at me but eventually he started trusting and allowed petting. I was always watchful as he
would grab my arm to pull it to him and sink in his claws at same time.

In January a kind Rescue helped me get him nuetered and his rabies shot. He changed from a battle scared street fighter to a beautiful
loving kitty. He always came running to greet me when I pulled into my driveway or opened the door. He was always underfoot. I still
can see him coming around the corner of the fence running to me. He became a very dear old man who had only two precious things, his
life and his love.

Four weeks ago he brought me a squirrel he killed as a gift. It would be his last. A few days later he wouldnt eat. Very unusual as he
always ate at least one can a day. I got him in a carrier and off to see my vet. The news as a shock. The guy had almost no teeth . They
were all broken off, his mouth red and swollen. The vet said it would lead to another infection and gave him antibiotics. He also said my
old man was a lot older than the 10 years I thought he was. He said at least 15 or 16 years old. I asked about his teeth he said leave them
as due to his age he was to old to handle surgery. He was shocked that it was 7 months prior he was fixed.

I brought my old man home and though he was a outside cat I brought him in so I could try to get him to eat and administor his
medicine. No matter what I offered him he wouldnt eat. My old man left me three weeks ago at 5:30am. He taught me so much. Never ever
judge a cat by what he does. He was trying to survive. At one time he had a family who turned their back on him. When he first came he
was afraid of feet so I believe he had been kicked or worse. He was defending himself. I miss his love and seeing him. I so wish I had done
more and sooner to give him a better life. I feel in a way I failed him and he gave me so much. RIP my sweet old man. I miss you.

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