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real marrieges because of cats

By In News On April 8, 2017


“Wife asking for divorce because of a cat,” the news occupied the attention of the Egyptians in the recent period, while this problem was repeated more than once on the pages of the problems of social networking sites, about marital relationships and homes was disagreement on cats cause of the collapse. In contrast, the Cats love a reason to collect a lot of hearts and when they searched behind a number of marriages find that behind them in the end. “kitten.”

When women feel tenderness in the heart of man, Certainly feel that their future would be in safety and full of joy and happiness,  Here are some examples :-

  • “Cats love” common language between “Amani” and “Ahmed”

“I have find him understand that cats not only animal,And I knew that he is sensitive and kind to others, even if an animal, This made our relationship awesome, Thus started “Amani Mahfouz” tells her story of her fiance “Ahmed”, “her fiance loves cats more and When we sit with friends Ahmed talks about cats in a way attractive ,that make our friends surprised , why he speak about cats like this “finally is cats”.
but i understand him and this make our soul very near, my love for cats increased a little After courtship because of knowing him more and my view changed about cats.

  • “Hind” and “Ahmed” met in Egypt revolution and fall in love because of cats.

“Ahmed” and  “hind Izzat ” the revolution has brought them together and they met in the demonstration,But cats love is what makes their love story, hind say that  “we are members of one party, we do a meeting at the party or at the coffee shop, i play with any kittens i see, i noted that he do same and this Make us have soeme recipes shared, when we see kittens we play with it and give them food,kittens show me that he awesome person, he alwys show me kittens pict on his phone. and when we engagement he promised me that he will buy kittens for me after we married because my dad not allwed me have cats on my home.
actually we married and get kitten named (tofy) and we take it to doctor when it tired.

  • “Mei” feel reassured on the future because of the kindness of “Mahmoud,” the cats

Mei  says that she felt a hasty decision betrothal and Discomfort, but she noticed that he is very Kindly because he take care of kitten on his house stairs and make bed for it on the stairs, because he cant keep it on his home due to Health conditions.
on this time i feel that he is very mercy to Weak souls, and I say he will take care of me also .
She added: ” another thing make us so near when i found Shirazi kitten on street and  he helped me to make my family agree to make me keep it on my room after them refuse to keep it on our house, we have 11 kitten from this Shirazi kitten  and we will take them to our home after we married.

  • “Mina” and “Mohammed the owner of the cat,” ” famous love story”

“Mina” and “Mohammed the owner of the cat,” so I knew a love story, “Menna Massad,” and her fiance Mohammed on “Facebook” for a long time, Where girls followed this story on one of the women’s groups on the “Facebook” girls know about this story  from the moment they met , When she decided to adopt a cat.

It is beautiful to be the cause of the cats in the marriage of people andThe reason for happiness.
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