Horrible Cats Massacre Inside Big Egyptian Clup
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Horrible Cats Massacre Inside Big Egyptian Clup

By In News On April 11, 2017


Rose visitors “Facebook and Twitter social networking sites,” because of “cats”
Ahly management committed a “massacre” against cats located within the walls of the club, used the “poison” to end the more than 30 cat’s life, according to a novel goers networking sites. 

A state of anger and resentment seized control of the pioneers of “Facebook” after trading activists images illustrate the Ahli club management to get rid of the cats after eating food poisoned, where he wrote on the images described for cats slain, which are on the ground in various corners of the club next to the food, “the massacre of cats,” The term users to condemn the act of refusing to club management and inhuman treatment of animals, and stressing that the number of dead cats exceeded 30.

The voices on the “Facebook”, demanding to hold accountable those responsible for the massacre administration, and punish anyone involved in any form.
“They are killing cats .. cats inhuman massacre Al-Ahly club ”
Medical sources said, had been sent two cats cats who was killed in Al-Ahly to a forensic veterinary Cairo was.

The source confirmed that he will be dissected cats to indicate the cause of death as a result of anesthesia only, or put poison in her eating, pointing out that it will be completed its report within a few days and handed over to the prosecution.

Al-Ahli club Al-Ahli official has denied the fact of the killing of cats, explaining that the club contracted with the anesthesia company, to develop a drug with food for cats, so you can control it and take it out of the club after a complaint from members of their presence in large numbers. 

For his part, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, a member of Al-Ahly management, the private company that was contracted to anesthetized cats, listed in records dealing with the 93 body, in addition to the International Medical Center, and is that company drugged cats or dogs and move them to other places.

He explained that the remarks during the company’s officials have confirmed that it was anesthetized cats did not die, but cats are diseased and rabid, pointing out that it has already received complaints from members of the General Assembly that rabid cat has “some of the” one child and caused his illness.

And went Abdelwahab, insisted that the Governing Council to open a prompt and thorough investigation into the incident and determine the cause of death of cats, in order to reach the emitter in the massacre.

When humans learn Humanism? Stop the killing of cats, Stop abusing  cats!!
in your opinion :- who must punished on this massacre?
How to prevent their recurrence?

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