In Aleppo … cats safely in the hands of Alaa “the cat man “
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In Aleppo … cats safely in the hands of Alaa “the cat man “

By In News, RESCUE STORIES On July 9, 2017

In Aleppo … cats safely in the hands of Alaa “the cat man “

Despite all the tragedy and destruction which occurs in the Syrian city of Aleppo, war-torn country, Mohammad Alaa Galilee “the man cat” decided to stay in the city for the care of more than 100 that left by their owners escaped from the scourge of war, saying: “I will keep regardless of what happens.”
Five years of war tore the city of Aleppo, some called it the city of ghosts, nearly of 50 thousand people fled from the city, Muhammad jop is circuit (Electrician) before the war but But after the war began he deside to help souls . saved peaple, building a shelter for cats and help ambulances.
Muhammad began with 20-30 kittens that collected by him from “stray cats nad cats left by their owners”  he said. “Some people just left them with me knowing that I love cats.” but within a year that number quickly grew to include more than 100 cats.
the cat man said that he would never leave his furry friends behind, Although exposure to the horrors of war on an almost daily basis.
with These words Mohammad summarize his relation to cats which takes care of the private sanctuary in the city of Aleppo.

“Someone who has mercy in their heart for humans has mercy for every living thing.”
Mr Jaleel work is useless maybe more peaple this because of the Death surround Aleppo.
How can someone find time to take care of cats when human life is threatened, and demolished homes.
But the capacity of the Ala to show sympathy hundreds of stray cats, taken care of , fed, and incubate, evidence that the war did not succeed in breaking of everything, and there are those who did not throw in the towel completely yet.
A BBC report allocated to talk about the experience of the Ala, which it named the “man of the cats”. In a videotape of the program of “Panorama”,

Alaa narrates the story of a girl child left her Cat in its custody, before traveling with her family to Turkey. The girl raised the cat since years, and she cried when Farewell it . due to the child still fond of her kitten, still Alaa until today filming it and sends them video tapes to reassure them, they are the same as when returning to her home in Aleppo, the cat will be waiting for her. Says that most of the city citizens emigrated, including his friends, therefore Found in Cats new friends, and decided to remain with them whatever happened.
War has pain and destruction,disagreement between friends, kill humans and animals
Erase memories country shifted to loss.
yes to Stop the War, Yes to Peace.

In the end thanks to Mr. mohammed this great Almgmehod,Thank you for your humanity and mercy.
Please feel free to share this greate story in your social media accounts to make all read this story and leave comment to support to Mr. mohammed .
don’t forget answer this question :-
if you in the same situation you will?
1-leave the city and To escape the horrors of war
2- do same of mohammed
3- have another opinion

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