Cats resemble the moon!

Cats resemble the moon! Despite the appearance of the moon few days each month, but it makes you impressed and wishes to not running the eye of the intensity of its charm and beauty. The love of the moon is[...]

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The day I realized

« The day I realized » You are the type of cat that does not like hugs. You are the type of cat that comes and goes with the sandstone of your desires. You are that kind of cat that[...]

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Ozzie the rescued country cat

Ozzie the rescued country cat 6 years ago , Ozzie and his sister were abandoned in a forest during a violent hailstorm. they were one month or there about. Some nice couple rescued them, took them to a vet and[...]

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My first cat!

My first cat…… Most people, when they think of their first cat, usually think about the cat that was part of their childhood, the family cat that your mum looked after and all you had to do was enjoy the[...]

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story of the strays!!

Where to start? First cat I can remember properly was Toby, thrown into a local canal as a small kitten, rescued by my brother. He was white with black blotch and an unfortunate little “Hitler” moustache. Autocratic and supercilious Toby[...]

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My knights in shinning fur coats

My knights in shinning fur coats First of all i would like to point out that i am the proud owner of 40 cats throughout the years. One of my earliest memories of cats, probably ever, is a cat sneaking[...]

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The cats I love !!

The cats I love I am Athena Kennedy and I wrote this . I love cats all in different ways,My love for cats undescribable. i’ll tell you about my cats,now I will start with Chikie. Chikie is special Because :- 1-[...]

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why I love cats!!

why I love cats particularly my own cat !! Since I was young I have always been an animal person, growing up I wanted to be a vet. However, a vet would have to put animals to sleep and I[...]

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Cats True Love

They say that a dog is man’s best friend but I think it true to say that a cat is humans best friend,Not everyone is a cat lover and not every one is a dog lover. Unlike dogs a cat[...]

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